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“Dance to sense” – these words express our passion and feelings, our goals and actions. It's our slogan! We always wanted to give all dance-loving people an easy way to reach and exchange their abilities and knowledge, emotions and visions. That is why we are creating a special video-platform for dances. Choreography and moves, staging and shows, classes and tutorials – all what we can create and show, you will find here. Moreover, you can participate!

Soon, you'll be able to register, create your videos and upload them to! This will be the way to become part of the global community of dance-lovers. Together, we are creating the right place for all dance-devoted people to relish and admire, to criticize and to praise, to develop and to create, to teach and to learn! Dance to sense! For a better world!

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History of dance2sense

Dance2sense (shortly D2S) crew originates from the Dance Centre MYWAY family, one of the biggest dance centres in Europe.
Over the years of its live, Myway has amassed huge experience in teaching and video shooting, so we have something to share and something to show.
We have always felt that video is a unique way to preserve and share the art of dance, providing for an opportunity to enjoy dancing in distance and spread the knowledge all over the planet.
Also we wanted to create something new, useful and interesting for the entire dance community.
Over the past 10 years, we have gone through a lot of stages of idea and vision development, made some experiments across various video platforms and gained lots of experience. This is how we realized that the time has come to create a platform for dance videos.
Working on the project was started in 2016.
We are a friendly team of IT-starup mixed with dance crew.
Many people are currently involved in the project. About 100 teachers and choreographers, designers, operators, managers and IT specialists are among them.
The project has been created on our own donations and with our own effort.
Dance2sense project was crested for those who loves the dance and sees it both as an art and hobby, who teaches and learns, who creates and performs.
The name of the project embodies our attitude to the dance.
We wish everybody in love with the dance could have a chance to express their senses through the dance.

What you can do with dance2sense will contain only dance videos. Any styles, trends, dancers or music. Only one criteria – it must be a dance. What will all of us be able to do on will have such main functions and services:

WATCH what you love
Feel the energy and beauty of different dances gathered from all over by Dance2sense Service. We upload new content regularly, so stay in touch.
DOWNLOAD what you need
Take delight in new dance video online and download them in good quality to your smartphones or laptops. Enjoy your favourite dances and learn new moves even without the internet.
COMMENT what you want
Share your opinions with other dancers and get fair feedback. You can comment any videos you want and get opinions about your dance from other users.
BUY what you need
Learning how to dance becomes easier with Dance2sense. Buy or rent any dance lesson you like. Thus, you get an inspiring dance tutorial and support it's creator.
SEARCH what you look for
We are trying to gather as many dance videos as we can to help you to find exactly what you're looking for. More than 20 dance styles, hundreds of choreographers share their dance via dance2sense.
UPLOAD what impressed you
Upload your videos so the whole world can see. Dance2sense is a perfect place for your videos, because it stores only dance content and it was created especially for dancers.
RATE give hearts to what you like
Give Hearts to the video for expressing your love. More Hearts open new options to account owner and shows how much users like them.
SELL what you love
You can upload and sale your dance tutorials easily via Dance2sense. Create lessons, share your skills and get revenues. Help others to dance better and make money.
Stay with us, be active, and dance to sense!

Our team has been founded by “Dance Centre Myway” - a young team that is devoted genuinely and ardently to dances for over 10 years. Dancers and administrators, choreographers and operators, photographers, designers, web-developers, managers, we are all passionately involved in the creation.
We believe you will love as much as we do. We are doing our best to start soon! In the meantime, you can dance your best and prepare videos for to share your dancing with all dance-lovers all over the world.

Igor Noshchenko
Igor Noshchenko CEO
Alexander Bobyk
Alexander Bobyk CVO
Anatoliy Kurinnyy
Anatoliy Kurinnyy CTO
Angelina Kovtun
Angelina Kovtun CAO
Dmitriy Abalmasov
Dmitriy Abalmasov CPO
Natalia Gergel
Natalia Gergel CFO
Olha Svidina
Olha Svidina CMO
Oleksandra Hyzha
Oleksandra Hyzha SMM

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Stay with us, be active, and dance to sense!