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What and How (FAQ)

How can I review or edit my account information?

To review or edit account information click on avatar in the right upper corner and find there Account details.
To edit information press Settings bottom below in the Account form.

How does referral link work?

Referral link gives 10% from Net Revenue from each sale or purchase made by the Referrals.
Each account has a unique referral link. Share your referral link to get more Referrals and use all ability of Dance2sense Referral Program.

To learn more follow the link or contact us.

How long will my video be under moderation?

On the average moderation takes not more than 2 working days. To learn more about moderation process follow the link.

How many moves can be uploaded to one preview?

At least 2, but not more than 10 moves must be uploaded to each preview.

Is Basic membership just a free trial?

No. Basic account is perfect for individuals who want to join our amazing community, but who might not be uploading tons of videos each week. If that sounds like you, you might never pay a dime. Choreographers and dance schools often upgrade to Plus or PRO, because they find they want to store more videos, sell tutorials, get advanced customization and privacy options, access analytics tools, and more.

Is it possible that my account ever be deleted?

Yes, you can delete it only by your own. But unfortunately your account can be banned or deleted after breaking The Rules.
Read more about account deletion in Terms of use.

Is there any age limit for registration?

No, there is no age limit for registration and using Danse2Sense Services. You can share your dancing skills regardless of your age, location or dance styles if your video compliant the terms of use and the law.

Is there any time limitation for videos?

Yes, there is time limitation for videos - 15 minutes. If your dance video is longer than 15 minutes you should divide it into some parts.

What are the fees for Dance2Sense accounts?

The fee for Plus and Pro Dance2sense accounts is 30% from Net Revenue.
The fee for donations is the same.
Read more about D2S Payment policy.

What is Basic Membership for?

Basic Membership is a free account for creators, who want to upload their own free-tutorials or other dance videos. It has some limitation comparing with Plus or Pro Membership, but it's enough for beginning your activities on Dance2Sense.

What is D2S for?

We always wanted to give all dance-loving people an easy way to reach and exchange their abilities and knowledge, emotions and visions. That is why we are creating a special video-platform for dances - Dance2sense.com.
Read more About the project and contact us if you have any question.

What payment systems can be used to buy and to sell dance lessons?

We accept the following payment methods, based on your billing country/region and the currency in which you want to pay: PayPal and Cards.
We do not accept payment using Bitcoin or other virtual currencies.

What is SUPPORT button for?

You can donate to dancers and to the project to support their work by clicking on the Support button.
This opportunity is available only to Free videos and completely voluntary.

Support money goes to account owner except for the payment system’s tax and dance2sense services fee.

When will my video be published?

Your video will be published as soon as it will be moderated.
Read more about Rules of moderation in Terms of use.

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